Black History Month - A Note from the Founder

With Lunar New Year festivities just passing, we have a lot to celebrate but also have a lot to learn. As a proudly Asian-owned business, we acknowledge the importance of being in solidarity with Black communities, celebrating Black achievement, and taking this month to take stock of where systemic racism persists and give visibility to the people and organizations creating change.

As an 8-month-old company and a small business, we sat back and asked ourselves: “where can our impact be made?” We decided to go back to our mission - amplify those who are building their own legacies through their projects and businesses.

Economic power is needed for real change and with the theme of Black History Month focused on “Black Health and Wellness”, we will donate 5% of our online-based sales this month to Black Women in Motion, a Toronto-based organization that supports Black cis and trans women and survivors of sexual violence through their content, educational tools, healing spaces, and economic opportunities.

Throughout the month we’ll also be sharing Black-owned businesses we love in Toronto and we hope that you can join us in supporting them.

We have so much to learn as non-Black POC and we do not conflate the struggles of being Asian to being Black. 

Let’s open our minds, our hearts and our wallets and do the work!